Autopilot Installation

Installation1Small.jpg (9221 bytes)
Autohelm 4000 control head and actuator unit installed on an Island Packet 31.   The main problem comes from the space between the pedestal and the wheel due to the steering shaft coming from the helm's seat.

Installation2Small.jpg (7429 bytes)
Here is the pedestal bracket.  The stock bracket was kept, but the anodized aluminum rod was pressed out by a machine shop and a longer stainless steel rod was fitted.  A set screw (under bracket) is used to hold the rod in place.

Installation3Small.jpg (7389 bytes)
Here is how the control head looks when seated at the helm.  It was mounted on a piece of teak which has been fastened to the binnacle.   I ran the router around the edge of the teak to give more of a finished look.

Installation4Small.jpg (11520 bytes)
On the backside of the mount you can see the use of the extra wheel brackets provided with the Autohelm unit.  They are intended to mount the actuator unit to a wheel with large spokes, but work well for attaching a mount to the binnacle.  The back cover is also provided.

Alternative1Small.jpg (11625 bytes)
This setup is on a friend's Irwin (I try not to fault him for not having an IP), but shows there is ample room to mount two gauges side by side.

Alternative2Small.jpg (11032 bytes)
This is the backside of my friend's setup.  He created a teak back for his and offset the  extra Autohelm wheel brackets.