Improved Engine Access

Below are pictures of an inspection hatch I installed in the bulk head between the quarter berth and the engine compartment.  It gives great access to the starboard side of the engine.  Working on the mechanical fuel pump, throttle linkage, checking/changing oil , etc. are no longer the chore they once were.  There is no noticeable increase in noise level when the engine is running.  The inspection hatch seen here is a Bomar G8812-W and has a single rubber gasket to make a tight seal.  Bomar also makes a G8812-22 that is off-white and would probably be a better match.  They also make an access hatch (G7812-W or G7812-22) that is double gasketed.

Installation was super easy.  I simply made a paper template and traced the outline on the bulkhead.  Then took a 1-5/16" whole saw attached to my drill and drilled/cut-out the four corners.  After this, I used a small Dewalt cordless circular saw and did a plunge cut on each of the four sides.  Before starting, make sure there is nothing on the other side of the bulkhead that is going to get cut!

The fact that the quarter berth cushion (when installed) blocks the hatch is great for two reasons, it keeps my young kids (9, 7, 5, 3 and 1) from using this as a neat place to store their toys and it keeps me honest by forcing me to remove the cushion before checking the oil or working on the engine thus keeping it clean.

(click on any picture for larger view)

hatch installed and open

hatch installed and closed (dah)

quarter berth cushion in place

view of the engine from the quarter berth through the new hatch

view from above

another view from above