Patten Twin Tube Inflatable

The twin tube rigid inflatable is a unique and incredibly stable design.  I like the enormous amount of interior room provided by the smaller stacked tubes when compared to a single large tube.  Also of note is the immense free board which provides a dry safer ride (it is particularly safe for my two kids, 2 and 4 years of age).  The boat also ensures considerable safety in that either of the tubes provides enough buoyancy to keep a loaded boat a float, but if both tubes should become punctured, the rigid bottom itself has a considerable amount of buoyancy due to the large foam filled void between the floor and the bottom.  A small storage area is provided in the front section of the hull and access is through an inspection hatch in the floor.  This is a great area to pack several safety items not normally carried on an inflatable (small extinguisher, flares, whistle, signaling mirror, compass, etc.).